Visual Artist | Painting | USA
I always create with the purpose of having a body of work that is soulful (optimistic) and sophisticated. ~ TaLisa♛

TaLisa uses contemporary and traditional techniques; combining ink, spray paint, acrylic, and oil to create delicate yet energetic works of art. She is passionate about elevating women in the arts, in practice and perception. 



Her artwork is featured on the Aqua Elite Pro Set for Princeton Artist Brush Company. 2019-2020 Arizona artist for Her Flag: a nationwide collaborative art and travel project celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. 2023 Chief Curator's Picks: Best of Abstracts

For Curious Minds:

  • - Natural Born Entrepreneur with a side of Fortune 500 savvy. BA Fine Arts, BA Advertising, and MBA
  • - finds inspiration in complex floral arrangements and also the simple elegance of black and white
  • - favorite materials: permanent ink + oil
  • - there's more than meets the name... TaLisa Lopez-Garcia. African-American and Dominican. born 50 raised 100 black culture. one day this will not matter as the human race, but we have a long way to go and this is a frequently asked question
  • - watch the interview with Blick Art Materials (2019)
  • - to learn more about the meaning of my work... read the description here
  • Saatchi Art (USA) New Perspectives 2022 | Special Edition Catalog 
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