Custom Framing options for your Art Purchase

You can create a special presentation for your space and interior design. Photo gallery of custom frames from collectors is on my Instagram Story Highlights

Picture Frames: some locations for Blick Art Materials offer custom framing. also check with a local art gallery that makes frames for artworks on paper OR canvas. 


When in doubt I always recommend a professional, archival, frame job. This is another great opportunity to support your local artisans. Option 1 would be my first choice - have them complete the frame from start to finish.  

Option 2 - If the retailer also sells readymade frames in the store. Select and inquire about buying a new frame off the shelf. Then continue with a custom frame order. For example, an artwork on paper, they can cut the mat to fit the artwork and assemble the finished frame for you. Keep in mind that they are usually cautious or will not accept random frame components not purchased in-store because of quality concerns. 

Option 3 - Doing it Yourself. For a semi-DIY, the company that I have used often to construct the frames at custom sizes is Art to Frames based in New York and they offer international shipping. Wait until the artwork is delivered so that you can get accurate measurements for the overall piece, plus dimensions of border for the mat (will probably be a unique size, custom to the artwork image). Or take it to the pros to handle for you.

Remember: Artwork Copyright Remains exclusively with The Artist. You can frame your purchase, but do not print. 



Originals on Paper - archival gallery quality. the texture and paper surfaces may vary if you’re collecting other pieces across my body of work. i love working on paper, as it adds a unique element to my style of art. you would then custom frame a painting on paper based on your décor and aesthetic. there is usually a working border around the image that may have paint or marks; intended to be covered with a picture mat or leave as-is for a natural studio look. the border also sets the composition so that if framed the entire image is accounted for. 

Installation - most of my paintings on canvas are standard construction, wired on the back, ready to hang as noted in the descriptions. to display them, based on the weight i have used a simple straight nail or picture hook made for drywall. i can also help find an art installation company or custom frame shop near you.

Occasionally I create works on Unstretched Canvas - these have been sold as-is and rolled to transport. the collector either wanted to hang the artwork similar to a tapestry, custom frame the cut canvas, or in other cases they had the artwork stretched around a wood frame (only if there is enough extra canvas around the image) for a traditional gallery canvas look. 

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