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ocean made, beach vibes, PCH drives, and island style.
creating original art with permanent ink, oil paint, mark making and sea spray painting. level up your art collection - available paintings listed below. 

live surfing commentary 1142am | artist thoughts from the beach: “you get to see my art like the one epic wave performance; pick the one you like since we all ride differently. you have no idea how far i had to paddle out to get here. solo but surrounded. with honor for the ocean, the wild one. i spent so much time ducking, floating, waiting, slipping, falling and crashing hard into art as the career. selling original paintings. wanting to live for the love of the moment, freedom and joy. still feeling like one in a million, grains of sand, like the many birds at sea… wondering if i have a place here on the deep waters. but with creativity ever flowing, i’m going to hang out here. making friends with dolphins. water drips from my canvases with the salty sea breeze and crisp bright sky. where in one session i’m greeted by a ladybug, butterfly, and dragonfly… this is the life, and i haven’t even picked up my brush today, on my beach monday.” -t.

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  • 💰Exposition Abstract vol.156
  • 💰Industry Abstract vol.154
  • 💰Contemporary Coastal vol.153
  • 💰Pacific Coastal vol.151
  • 💰Industry Abstract vol.150
  • 💰Pacific Coastal vol.144
  • 💰Pacific Coastal vol.142
  • Pacific Coastal vol.141
  • 💰Ocean Made... Floral Waves