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All hand-painted, unique, one-of-a-kind original artworks. (learn more about me)

Sharing this collection with hospitality and commercial buyers, bringing elements of creativity, beauty, strength, and peace into your space. Using mediums such as permanent ink and oil paint for a masterful combination. These paintings could also hang in a residential area for an interior design project. 

Select works are on canvas or panel, ready to hang, as noted in the descriptions.  

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more art available: residential

12 products
  • City Living vol.58
  • City Living vol.59
  • Anything is Possible (ready to hang)
  • Street Dreams
  • Lyric
  • Design Series vol.77
  • Design Series vol.76
  • Design Series vol.75
  • Street Floral XL1
  • Cosmic Floral XL2
  • Lux Floral XL3