Sample Creams and Whites (list of acrylic paint markers, high flow, street markers)

more studio shenanigans for ya!😜 now why would i think anyone else wants to see a test sheet from some new colors i ordered? because it’s my page and i find this interesting; i basically do want i want here.😇 the image is below and i’ll link the colors. 

Next time I will switch the Liquitex marker colors, mainly Parchment, to their acrylic and make a high flow paint. Seems like the Molotow markers hold more paint (or come with more), better flow. Both are refillable.

Why buy when you can mix and refill empty markers? Do what works for you. I buy a base range of colors for speed, and I still mix way more colors thereafter. 

more links: 

 🤍 if you want to go crazy with incorporating street markers on your authorized-fine-art-projects... check out Street Smart or Art Primo.  - test, practice, and understand how new products work for your process. if questions, stick to the manufacturer’s original instructions :)


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