😎INSTA-CRITIQUE, FAVORITE APPS & LINKS🔗📚 for a contemporary artist

if you need a quick critique, take a decent photo, crop the image, put it on a white background, and pretend you’re about to post it to the public. maybe just me... but magically all sorts of things come to light, on how you can improve it. it’s different than just a cropped image on my phone because it changes the overall view. i use the OVER app (now called GoDaddy Studio, 9/2022) for this and for a lot of my social media post templates. 

for sending emails i use Flodesk. it’s a new program. you can do more research based on what features you need. but it revived my interest in sending emails with the nice layouts and templates. prior to this i had MailChimp. in general, free trials and basic/free plans are good before you commit to new monthly expenses. 

sometimes i just want to post a small image instead of a larger file. i can resize any image on my desktop (i use Adobe Photoshop Elements) but to resize on my phone i use Image Size app. i currently have the free version with ads, and it looks like a small fee to upgrade. {***update 2021: i removed the ads to skip the time delay of watching ads. still using in 2022}

which FREDRIX canvas is right for your media? see the updated guide. you can also use the specifications from this chart to cross-reference other canvas brands you’re shopping for. then you have an idea of the terminology and quality comparison.

SKTCHY iPhone app (now called Museum by Sktchy, 9/2022) for portrait sketches, sources, and inspiration. they are heavily focused on portraits from selfies to professional, but there are a lot of other subjects too. plus, everyone there knows that when they post images on the app that creatives are using the images. check out the terms of use. there isn’t a Sktchy app for Android at the moment. but here’s a link to more source inspiration compiled by the Milan Art Institute.   

and lastly👱🏽‍♀️ check out WGSN for color and design trends. keep your aesthetic boards updated and full of new inspiration.🌴

happy almost New Year! 🙌🏽❤️ ~t.


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