Design Ideas for Rental Property Décor

congrats on your new place! maybe you're starting fresh or updating your current dwelling. here's inspiration for color schemes where you can pull from art, nature or fashion. you'll also find modern minimal concepts and eclectic ideas for residential spaces. plus, a section for designing with plants in your interior and landscaping. 

begin with what you most love and must have in the space, then build out from there. it's similar to how i finish compositions for my artwork! keep it simple to start, even if you lean towards the fully stocked look with many decorative items on display. this process could start from a piece of furniture, a treasured keepsake, or an artwork. even if it's a large item, you can plan for future upgrades as needed by changing the main item's location if possible (your focal point), or changing the accent colors with a few small adjustments around the room. Shop Unique Originals on Canvas & Paper 

below are several boards i've compiled on Pinterest to jump-start your interior design project. have fun!

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