Black History and Beyond | Mini Masters

my work is about universal beauty. i’m a dreamer. one day we will love and empower equally under the human race… but until then we have an extremely long way to go. this series of 50 small-format originals was released for black history month, and black history 365 days a year. 


in studio (blue sky) -

we have to continue to support and promote black artists, minorities and women in business. in february we get a little extra love. if you thought other industries have issues, there’s a seemingly insurmountable hole in the fine art industry for inclusion and representation. i’ve been in this field for a long time since my first bachelor’s degree. call me crazy or passionate for staying with it this long. “pioneering ain’t easy” and i will continue doing this work. 

if you have questions about me or my art, i’ve probably already written about it, posted online, but i just didn’t promote it excessively. i’ve often wondered if i was putting out the right info for my followers. the awkward balance of do what makes you happy versus do what they tell you if you want to survive. as mentioned above, i previously posted a statement on giving if you ever wondered what i was doing with all this artist revenue (sort of like a summary in an annual report). 

as an artist, i sell art; the same concept as any retailer that you may subscribe to. this is who i am and this is what i have to offer. 

>>>SHOP THE COLLECTION: Mini Masters (series of 50, all originals)


  • these are small originals, 4 to 6” so no major wall space is needed. they won’t take up any extra storage while you decide how you want to display. 
  • you could gift to someone who would connect with the title of the piece as an affirmation, 
  • or have your office buy one. (i wrote about the DEI trend (diversity, equity, inclusion) 
  • on my email list only a fraction will even see the email. feel free to share this message with your contacts. i’d love to be able to share with my followers online as pieces sell and the states they are going to. my original idea was to sell one piece to each state
  •  shop is open! :) 

shine on. ~ love, t. 

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