Artist Statement on Giving

square photo of TaLisa in selfie style with a plain white/grey background. the image is tilted so that her head and body are slanted coming diagonally from the top left corner. she is wearing a bright red t-shirt with big white letters that are in mirror view and cropped (but says “DREAMERS”). she is smiling brightly.

Do all the good you want, Right Now. i empower others to live their best life; with no strings attached, no selfie on the street corner, no social credit needed. that could be a dilemma as a businesswoman in these times of being seen (meaning if it wasn't posted on social media it doesn't count). i understand that people like to know what their money is going towards, what charitable cause a business supports or the company's stance on many social concerns and communities. the subject matter for my art could lead to many different programs related to women's rights, black history, or some element of nature and conservation. there are numerous organizations, making an impact in each of those segments on a local, national, global scale. and there is the flip side of that too, with others doing who knows what in the name of (... insert your cause here). 

there are endless ideas that i have on how i can give away money. supporting local seems to be my thing, but not a rule. i'd rather skip the memberships and applications and help others within my reach. it's kind of like the pay-it-forward model, but without putting any expectation on the recipient to keep it going. maybe they would spread the love anyway, but that's none of my business. if there is a Want or Need, and i can meet it, that should be enough. i've been on the hopeful-recipient-end and have submitted for many opportunities that were a want (for my career) or other submissions that seemed like a dire need. interesting word-choice, with submission defined as "the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person" via google search dictionary (wow... just put that together as i typed this). anyway, i said some submissions seemed like dire need because somehow i made it through! but even with a well-intending for-profit (business) or nonprofit, the application process (although necessary for admin and accounting), they often left me feeling weak and hopeless. i will quantify by saying that i have hundreds of applications out there. i have decided that there is a better way, to do all the good things, at least for me, as a solopreneur. i can control my controllables. and the rest... i make the best of each day, to be kind and respectful, to give a few clicks and shares on instagram, leave a tip bigger than the meal... to just keep sharing the light!

so the exchange for my artwork, what about that, what else are you getting? it's exactly that. it's the exchange for the artwork that i have made from my hands. perhaps you know a little about me, my background, credentials, and my passions. or maybe the artwork sparked a reminder of something meaningful for you or a loved one. you see the art, what does it represent for you? for visual impairments, i can assist to describe it audibly. maybe it's an emotional response but not necessarily. you could be starting or adding to your own art collection or buying a gift for someone else. once you collect my work for your own reasons (win), you empower me to continue the work (win), inside the studio and out (win). 

i have an entire collection of small format pieces that are great for unique gifts and décor to fit a specific theme in your space. for example, looking for a small abstract, a sweet bee, a vibrant floral, or a centerpiece image of strength/beauty/diversity) to create your own salon-style or gallery wall. plus, all of the larger originals on canvas and paper. you can check out what i've just finished HERE. go ahead, do it...  

 ♥️ ~t. 

photo of a small square 4x4" artwork on white cold-pressed (light texture) watercolor paper. hand lettering in black pen ink says "Do All (line return) The Good (line return) You Want (line return) Right Now." artwork is black, white, greyscale, linework and washes with clusters of flowers and organic shapes across the bottom. a larger abstract tulip pops out on the top left. signed with a black crown symbol on the bottom right. white of the paper creates a border around the art. the original artwork is sold.
photo is a close-up of mini mountain daisy flowers (white/cream petals, yellow/gold fuzzy center) on the left side. flowers are drying and the petals are curling. greenery from leaves and other yellow-gold flora, also drying, on the bottom left side. bottom right side has part of a purple flower cropped off the bottom. background is from the artist studio out of focus, with art pieces in the top left. a silver rack of multi-color markers (top to bottom colors: purple, blue, yellow and green, red, orange, green, blue, in the center towards the right side.
photo is a close-up of one mini mountain daisy flower (white petals, gold/brown texture center) on the top left side .flower is drying with the petals curling up around the center. greenery from leaves are in the background with a portion of glass vase out of focus on the bottom left. right side of the photo is a larger purple/lavender carnation flower, but facing all the way down to the bottom right of the photo, it is drying as well.


"...sometimes it is necessary

to reteach a thing its loveliness,

to put a hand on its brow

of the flower

and retell it in words and in touch

it is lovely

until it flowers again from within..."

~ partial quote from “Saint Francis and the Sow” by Galway Kinnell

~ photos: TaLisa Lopez-Garcia