Artist Fixative Spray Test

i can get into a creative zone researching what i need, testing what i have, or how to make what i have work better. there’s a ton of info out there too, but i can never find the short and sweet version of what i’m looking for. here’s an example on fixatives:

for mixed media, i wanted to see which one would quickly seal the layer (charcoal, pastels, chalk, very dusty). the amount of product that sprays out of the cap and how close you spray to the surface will also vary the results. this was for an abstract underpainting. 🚫don’t blast a fixative or clear spray on delicate drawings if you’re unsure how it will work. this test was not to re-work a drawing. bonus tip: practice on a scrap piece, especially before you try something new on artwork you are selling or exhibiting! 

strip of fixative spray test results. 4 sections of similar colorful abstract marks created for the test.

RESULTS: the winner was Blick Matte Fixative. they all eventually worked about the same, after more layers and dry time. reminder that this was for mixed media stability and not to re-work a drawing. 

(test group: Rust-Oleum 2X Matte Clear, Blick Matte FixativeKrylon Workable Matte Fixative, and Montana Semi-Gloss Varnish Spraycommissions may be earned from the links. thank You!

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