Art Supplies for classrooms, youth art workshops and camps


  • Bulk Watercolor Paper, Pkg of 425 Sheets, 9" x 12" 135 lb (for final projects)
  • White Sulphite Drawing Paper, Ream, 500 Sheets, 9" x 12" and 12" x 18" 50 lb (basic drawing, 2D projects, first/experimental color mixing/painting projects)
  • Canvas Panel, 12 x 16” (for a semester-end painting final project (repaint black or white /reuse for any projects donated or left behind. the reused are for additional one-off projects throughout the year. still giving each student the experience of having a new canvas for their final no mater how enthusiastic they seemed all year… they made it to the finals) 
  • Watercolor Class Pack, sets of 8 (refillable preferred. remove the black and brown for color mixing, repurpose black/brown for intro to brushstrokes or other experimental projects)
  • Round Plastic watercolor palettes (easy shape to clean)
  • Paper plates (normal to heavyweight for acrylic paint palette. can be painted solid ground at end of session, mix all the remnant colors together for grey or paint solid white or black. will need a large overnight drying area) 
  • Watercolor Tubes (more advanced, final projects, mixing skin tones (no brown or black)
  • mimicking Acrylic Ink with Liquid Watercolor  (advanced. takes extra time and attention to use without waste. refill empty watercolor trays with liquid colors. no brown or black in tray. order black separately for one-off projects)
  • Student Acrylic paint  
  • Brushes (long-handle flat for acrylic, assorted mix of short-handle for watercolor and acrylic)
  • Project Reuse/Recycle box for cut-outs, game pieces, illustrations, sketch notes, thought starters, mixed media, and so much more (remove student name/grade from work and keep the rest of the paper for future use. student volunteers their work to the box if they don't want to keep or gift their art)

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