Instagram ADS - what i know so far...

🐒update 10/2021: archived posts can’t be used for promotions. it was fun while it lasted.

- - - - 

the past month i've been experimenting with running ads on Instagram. i already did some research and had a general starting point for who i wanted to target. this was all done from my phone. 

  • i used the promotion insights after my ad was completed to fine tune my audience, or to try another image
  • i also used the promotion insights to pull the plug on an unsuccessful ad. for a small dollar amount i'd just let it run to the end and confirm the results. 
  • you cannot edit a post once you promote it. make sure the caption and hashtags are good to go. when the ad is over, you still cannot edit the post. 
  • my most interesting finding is that i can promote an archived post from Instagram! i was able to make a new post, with modified copy from my original post, then immediately archive the post, then promote it. whoohooo! now on the archived post i can also see who engages with my ad and have all my new supporters right there with clicks and comments on my post. plus this post would be top on my page list so i don't have to go searching for insights on a really old (but still relevant) post {***update 3/25/2021: carousel images not working for promoting an archived post. i tried 2 or 3 images. 1 image still works from archive.}
  • you can promote Instagram stories too. 
  • on a carousel post of 4 to 5 images my insights are not currently working from the promotions button on Instagram. unsure if its because there is more than one image, or some other glitch. BUT i can still see all the insights when i go to the original post, or the archive promoted post. 
  • also from the promotions button on Instagram, for past promotions, since i use custom audiences versus automatic - the system doesn't always keep record of my audience name (it defaults to automatic or says "people you choose through targeting"). so i screenshot my initial promotion settings so i can track how well it performed, especially if i use the same post for a different target audience the next time. 

that's all for now! subject to change. ~t. 


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